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Tinted Lace Mousse- Medium Dark Brown

Tinted Lace Mousse- Medium Dark Brown

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Ebin's tinted Lace Mousse is foaming type tint for your wig. This lightweight foam is highly pigmented, providing a natural-looking tint to your lace, perfectly matching your scalp for a flawless finish. The mousse is easy and convenient to use as it comes with built in pump and the use of hair dryer is recommended for natural result as well as quick application.

MOUSSE Lightweight foaming type mousse that allows you to tinted your wig quick and easily. The foam absorbs into the wigs for the natural shade and secure down your wig as well as your edge for flawless look.

COLOR MATCH The coloration of the mousse is very highly pigmented to match shade perfectly and realistically. The ultimate mousse to melt your lace with your exact shade effortlessly. 

EASY USE The mousse has built in pump for convenient and easy use. All you need to do is pump the mouse to the desired area and spread evenly for best result. Additional coat can be added for the darker tone.

RECOMMENDATION For best result and quick result, use hair dryer for fast drying and natural coloration of the lace. 

CRUELTY FREE Cruelty free, vegan friendly. Say goodbye to bleaching knot and hello to your wig’s new best friend.

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